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The Financial Planning Process

We believe that having a written financial plan is foundational to your current and future financial success.  While we don't require a written financial plan in order to work with you, we strongly recommend it.  Imagine leaving for weeklong vacation tomorrow without a destination in mind, a map or GPS or having packed clothing/supplies for the trip.  It could possibly work out OK, but I'm doubtful you would do this.  Often, prospective clients come to us and request that we oversee their retirement and other investment accounts without delving into the planning process.  While we are happy to do it, clients who go this route are missing a crucial ingredient in their recipe for financial success! 

The process is simpler than you might imagine!

First, we meet/Skype/talk for a "get to know you" session and mutually determine whether or not we'd like to work with each other.

Second, we gather information from you via questionairre/email/phone conversations.

Third, we develop your plan based on the information you have provided us.

Fourth, we present you with your plan and adjust/correct as necessary.

Fifth, we implement the plan.

Sixth, we monitor on an ongoing basis and adjust as your life, circumstances or goals change.

As you can see, the majority of the heavy lifting is done by us!  And to anticipate your next question, please inquire about our flexible fee options.  

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